Singularity FPS 1.0

Singularity FPS 1.0: Jetpacks and cars and toadguns, oh my!  Battlefield on acid. Jetpacks. And not those pansy assed jetpacks like in most games, these suckers really send you flying! Airplanes are arcade style--you can fly backwards if you really want--and very, very tough. Unlimited ammo--always. Bouncy lasers. Bouncy laser shotguns. Toad guns. Alternate fire with different size and speeds of toads. Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle alt fires as a grenade launcher. Shotgun has a Super Spread Shotgun alternate fire.

Legends: The Game A fast-paced multiplayer online action game with jetpacks
Legends: The Game

Gameplay is not the strafe-strafe-jump-strafe-shoot-strafe-run-like-hell style a lot of games espouse; the addition of a jetpack adds a third dimension of mobility that makes skill, forethought, and restraint necessities to winning. Team sizes are ideal between 10 and 15 on each side, and the network code allows 56k upwards to play smoothly. Game type offerings range from the classic Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Duel to our own new types.

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